5 New Healthy Habits To Try This Fall

1. Sleep before midnight!

I'm definitely a night owl BUT an upset night owl. I love waking up early. Because you know, when you wake up early you can get more done before noon. On the other hand, I just can't say goodbye to my phone/laptop/book in the night! I love scrolling down Pinterest for some inspiration, writing my posts and reading a book in the bed. And I think, this is my unhealthiest habit and the enemy of my creativity and productivity. For more than a month, I'm trying to create a simple and healthy night routine and it looks like it's working! But old habits die hard they say, still some nights I just can't fall asleep even though I'm dying to sleep! If you want to change your regular sleeping pattern, a friendly reminder: It's not going to happen overnight, but believe me, it's gonna worth it !

2. One minute rule.

Do you know Gretchen Rubin? She is a writer of The Happiness Project and cohost of the Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast with her sister Liz Craft. If you are interested in being happier with what you already have I recommend both book and podcast. Anyways, she has an incredibly effective and simple rule to get your life under the control : One minute rule. You must do any task that can be finished in one minute. Hang up your coat when you come home, answer a mail, read and delete a message, put your dirty mug in the dishwasher instead of putting it into the sink.. It's so simple but life-changing. It's like eliminating little tasks before they turn bigger overwhelming tasks. Try this rule for a day and tell me how did it go!

3. Exercise 3 times a week.

Do you like going to the gym? Because I hate. More than five times, I bought gym memberships and of course I didn't go. I felt like, Pablo Escobar burned money for his daughter and I burned it for keeping myself fit. So I had to find myself a workout that I love and willing to do. I think yoga, walking, and swimming is the best for me! However, during the fall, walking is the best option for me because the mornings are more chilly. If I can achieve my first goal and become an early bird, I want to take an early walk 3 times a week!

4. Eat more slowly and mindfully.

Netflix, Instagram, and my books tell me are we friends or enemies? Sometimes I overdo multitasking. I watch Netflix when I eat my breakfast, scroll Instagram at the lunch and read a book at dinner. It means that when I'm eating I never focus on what I'm eating. It's actually so sad because I love enjoying my meal. My goal is to slow down and focus on my meal, chew more, savor the flavors. Honestly, I don't think that I can give up watching Netflix on the breakfast table, but I will try my best!

5. List.Plan.Do.

Adulting is hard. Taking care of your body and your mind, paying bills, working, eating healthy, doing exercise, doing the grocery shopping, taking your vitamins, taking care of your relationships is a full and a lifetime job. Sometimes it's overwhelming. Some of us are doing shopping lists ( because if you forget buying toilet paper, it's not cool right? 😂) but are we doing restaurants to try lists or books to read lists? There are so many things to do, books to read, foods to taste, wines to sip BUT so little time! Now I'm listing everything. Not just bucket lists, to-do lists or shopping lists! For example, last Monday I did a solo photoshoot and about a week ago I listed every single photo I need. Then I search for inspiration and created a Pinterest board. It was the easiest photoshoot ever! A bad plan is better than no plan, right?

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