Back To School 2020

Happy happy happyy 1st of September y'all !

I feel very excited each September because for 19 years it meant back to school time to me. Frankly speaking, being a student was the best part of my life. Especially college! I think I couldn't get enough of being a college student so much that I studied for 7 years - don't judge I have very acceptable reasons 😅 So I just wanted to share my tips and experience with those back to school this September.

Networking starts in college.

Believe me, you will run across your friends and professors -even though random people you see in the campus- in business life. This means if you are there for a reason if you have a career goal to reach, think college is a great opportunity for networking. Don't be like a ghost, confidently be active during classes; raise your hands to ask your questions, be a volunteer to projects, present your ideas. If you realize, I am not talking about being a successful student. I am not talking about getting A from each exam. Professors remember who presents the idea not who prepared the project.

Do further reading.

When I was a student, attendance was mandatory. So including me, most of the people in my college couldn't find a job because we were almost spending the entire day in the campus. But it was another opportunity which is we had plenty of time to do further reading and research. It's more important than you can guess because it gives you confidence while you're participating discussions in classes. What professors can give you within a short period of time is limited unless you take the extra mile for yourself.


University is your last station, before the real business life. Enjoy your life! Make friends, socialize, take care of yourself, do workouts, create memories, do some volunteer work and have fun. It doesn't mean business life is gonna kill you, but the future will bring more adult kinda responsibilities. In corporate world, partying last night and hangoverness is not a legit reason to not to go to work. So enjoy every bit of your time as a student!🎈

Join clubs.

I didn't do this one and I regret it. I thought it's unnecessary and time-consuming, I was wrong. Join clubs, you guys. Especially if you are shy to make friends! It's a perfect opportunity for getting to know more people. Because if you are in the same club, at least you have one interest in common right? And plus, clubs have their own hierarchy, rules, missions, and different tasks for different individuals. It's like business life 101. Don't miss the opportunity!

Call your family regularly and don't forget your old friends who were there for you.

I know because I've been there; starting to a college, meeting new people, changing your city or maybe the country is mesmerizing. And without even realizing, you just lose contact with your old friends and call your family less than you think you would. I got you. You have this entirely new social environment and trying to adopt your new life BUT don't take people for granted. Give them a call, send them a card, I don't know. Just do something that says I'm still here. Remember the times that they were there for you.

Always take notes.

Taking notes is a real deal. You need to find what works for you and how to do it fast. Colorful pens, different notebooks or a piece of paper or an Ipad; it's up to you. I think Pinterest is the best app to get inspired so check the ideas before your semester starts. First-year I thought it is overrated and not so necessary. Well, I was wrong. Because when I started to work for midterms or final exams I wasn't remembering anything that I thought I would. And I ended up asking notes from other people, which was a shame for me and plus I didn't understand everything on other people's notes because they had their own keywords, examples and etc. Believe me, taking quality notes has a big impact on your success.

Last words:

2020 is different than what we all experienced before. Depending on the country, there are many restrictions and new rules to follow. I agree, it is a headache but it is for our health. I know face masks and hand sanitizers are our new must-haves. And it's normal if you feel strange. Or have fears. Whatever you are feeling is valid. Your emotions are valid. I wish best for all of my student friends. Good luck in your new semester♥️

These are all my tips for you, hope they work for you! I'm very happy that sweater weather, fall foliage, everything with pumpkin and toffee nut latte is coming! Are you as excited as I am? I wish you a happy September and a beautiful fall!❤

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