Casual Saturday

For me, the hardest thing to get used to about Qatar is Friday and Saturday are the weekend and the first day of the week is Sunday! So Saturdays are the new Sundays and unfortunately, Sundays are the new Mondays for us! 😅

Most probably, for you casual means just a jean and snickers combo. Since I'm working with a uniform ( a gingham suit ), apart from that for me EVERYTHING ELSE makes me feel casual! Saturdays are more flexible and slow in my office so I'm taking advantage of this opportunity.

I have to admit I'm a sucker for comfy pants. There are so many ways to wear and style this kind of pants for the office - but for me, the best option is a white blouse and flats! On the other hand, ladies should dress more modestly in Qatar and I'm respecting their culture as an expat. I knew this before moving here and I was prepared for this. I left most of my skirts and dresses back in Turkey.

Build good habits they said, it will be good for you they said! I have a habit of if I like and feel comfortable in some of the clothes like these pants, I will buy many from them. I have red, mustard and of course black color of these pants. My least favorite one is black but you know it's a must-have. Plus I have the black color of this bag as well😅

And what about you? Are you more into skirts and dresses or would you prefer pants? Tell me !

Have a magnificent weekend for you guys because tomorrow is the new Monday for me! 😄

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