Few Words Before The August Ends

My expectation from summers has always been pretty high. However, summer 2020 was - I stopped writing here because I couldn't find a word to describe this feeling.

Before moving to Qatar, I thought that becoming an expat is going to be full of challenges and I prepared myself for this. And then pandemic slapped me, no actually it punched me in the face. Frankly, I felt like days of my life was just going to waste and I had nothing to do about it.

I am realizing it just now. It is all about mindset. I wasn't aware of the power of NOW. Like many others, once I was believing that I will have tomorrow to start working for the life that I am dreaming of. But what I've learned from this process is we really don't know anything but anything about what tomorrow will bring.

If you remember I recommended a book and a podcast about happiness before, A Happiness Project. Seriously guys, read it. When I read the book for the first time, the idea of turning the happiness process into a project sounded brilliant to me! And finally, I decided to bring my happiness project into action.

It wasn't a Monday or the beginning of the month, but like 2 weeks ago, one afternoon I sat down and started to write my goals. Career, a healthier lifestyle, finances, relationships, self-development, and many more. First I found my reasons because I can't work for something just because I want. I need strong motivation otherwise -I know myself-, I'm becoming a lazy postponer.

Before ending this post, I will leave some of my favorite motivational quotes below, if you have yours please share them with me! ✨I decided to cut it short because I want to write a more detailed blog post about goals. This is just a first wake up call for you before August ends ❤

Note: When I started to write this post, I didn't know where to start. But I'm glad it turned into a motivational post. I feel like everyone around me just gave up on 2020. And I totally understand. What we are experiencing is the first time for all of us. None of us faced a pandemic before, and whatever you guys are feeling is alright. There is no right or wrong. All I want to do is uplift people around me. That's why a couple of days ago I posted on Instagram " That's why I'm saying; 2020 is not over yet. If you are still alive, still breathing, it's worth trying. Trying has no losing, it's always winning. If you are tired do it, do it tired. But do it anyway♥️"

Sending too much love and support to you all ! ❤

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