Getting Married In Less Than A WEEK !

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It's been more than a month since my last post, but you know, my life completely changed and I'm trying to get used to it. As you probably already know, Berk and I got married on November 15th and everything happened so fast! We didn't have enough time for organizing a big wedding so instead, we made a little ceremony just for families and close friends. I can say that with a mind at peace, it was so good!

Yesterday while we were sipping our toffee nut lattes, Berk told me if someone ever gonna ask him about his biggest accomplishment he would tell them about our wedding story 😄 You know what? He is so right! At that moment, I decided to write about it.

1) Make a list of everything you need.

This is game-changing. This is how I managed everything in less than a week. I was so anxious about everything and felt lost at the beginning. Because I always thought that I would have lots of time for my dream wedding. But l only had a week! So we decided to make a list of everything we need. But EVERYTHING. We started our list with the things need to be done ( paperwork for our marriage license etc) and we made a huge shopping list. It sounds silly but from underwear to memory card we wrote down everything. We also made a list for guests but in our case, it wasn't essential because it was just families and close friends.

It really doesn't matter how much time you have! Making a list is simplifies everything and shows them more achievable. It helps relieve stress and gives you a direction.

2) Budget.

''A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.'' Dave Ramsey

When I was a student, I had a very tight budget but yet I wanted to socialize with my friends and travel. So budgeting became compulsory. Today I'm so happy that I learned when I was young. While organizing our wedding, my budgeting skills helped A LOT.

First, we made some assumptions based on our shopping list and determine our estimated budget. However, I was experienced enough to add the food and beverage section to our budget. We drunk coffee every time we felt tired and ate out almost every day. Plus, I drunk a lot of wine during the week 😅

Mostly we stuck to our budget, but also we faced some situations and stretched our budget. For example, I wasn't planning to buy such an expensive wedding dress but I fell in love with my dress and Berk's bow-tie, belt and shirt was way more expensive than I thought. On the other hand, thanks to off-season my wedding dress was on sale, I did my bouquet at home and my hairdresser gave me a big discount.

I know the wedding day is one of the most important days of our lives BUT there is a life after wedding 😂 My personal advice, always have a budget for everything. Especially if you are a bride/groom!

3) You don't have to please everyone.

Also, you can't. This is your day. People will criticize anyway. So try to focus on your own happiness.

My mom and I had a big fight about my wedding dress and I cried a lot. Then I realize the fact that I am the bride and final decision belongs to me. My mother in law was so eager to send invitation cards but I think it's the most useless thing ever. I'm sensitive to the environment and it's 2019! Berk and I created one online invitation and shared it via WhatsApp. People made a lot of comments about our decisions, our photographer, my hairdresser, my bouquet and etc. To be honest, we didn't care about any of those comments because we were happy with our decisions. We were satisfied. And that was the only thing that matters.

4) Accept things you can't change.

I didn't have enough time for a fancy bachelorette party or plan a honeymoon. I have many problems with my dad and his behaviors are generally unpredictable. My dad and mom are divorced and it's always tense whenever they come together. Berk has many problems with his family and also their behaviors are sometimes unpredictable too. I was on my period during the dress fittings and almost all of my body was swelled. But this is life. There is and there will always be things we can't change. I don't want to consume my energy for the things that I can't change.

5) Focus on the big picture.

Unwanted or annoying things could happen. Actually, most probably they'll happen and you know that. Try to focus on the big picture. You couldn't find your dream dress or maybe you just can't afford it, you can fight with your partner or your family members, things could go wrong and you can feel exhausted. Most of them happened to me, happened to every bride I know. You will survive, believe me.

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