Life Update #1

Hello and a happy Friday you guys!

The last 3 weeks of my life were insane and I'm dying to share everything with you! Since its a loong long story, I'm gonna share it into two parts ­čśů I'm sure, most of you guys know that we were saving money for moving to the USA. But like 3 weeks ago, we got an offer from...Guess where? Doha, QATAR!­čç­čçŽ

In the past, we worked there as interns for 6 months but we weren't looking for a job in or anywhere around the Middle East. However, they found us! They sent an invitation for an interview, we accepted and had it. They made an irresistible offer and we got the jobs! They want us in Doha before November ends and we weren't ready for this! We have a long to-do list right now and as usual, I'm exhausted!

Please, go ahead and ask me what is the first thing in our to-do list! IT'S MARRYING!­čÄë Qatar is a Muslim country and we must be married to live together and we are getting married next Friday!

I'm gonna share all the details in part II, but right now I'm sleepless, tired and exhausted. Sorry for short post! Love y'all­čĺť

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