Life Update #2

Hello from Qatar you guys! 🇶🇦

Since we move, I was waiting for an opportunity to write a new post, but we are pretty busy almost every day.. Today I just realized, this is - I mean this rhythm - my new reality now and I need to start getting used to it! So here I'm writing this post after a long and a tiring day✨

As you already know from my Instagram or my first life update post, we got a job offer from Qatar, we got married and moved here🏡 I thought being expats as newlyweds might be challenging but I wasn't expecting a pandemic 😷 I hope everyone is safe and healthy. If you can, please #stayathome and stay positive!

When we moved, it was a week before the Christmas and I was extremely sick🤒 I remember, I was crying at the plane, because of the dry air I couldn't breathe easily. My recovery took more than a month ! Anyway we had some issues regarding to our accommodation, and sharing our flat with one of our colleagues for now. We supposed to be moved in ours already but we had to postpone it because of Covid-19 and it's economic outcomes.💰But I'm not complaining at all because I guess this virus teaches all of us to show more gratitude and appreciate what we have.

We are working as restaurant supervisors in a luxury hotel ( which is at pre-opening stage right now) and I can say that I really love my job! Actually we both 🙊 As a person who is always seeking opportunities for professional growth, this job and also position gives me sense of fulfilment, I can say!

Life in Qatar was actually good before the CoronaVirus🦠 We're enjoying our lives, experiencing, trying, tasting whatever is new for us but now it's all about going work and coming back to accommodation. Like two or three days ago we decided to do something fun and healthy because it was getting more and more boring everyday and all we did was eating junk food and watching Netflix! We started to play badminton at the backyard and it felt so good! I think we got a little bit addicted to our new routine, all day I'm dreaming about finishing work and play badminton 😂

Before ending the post, I want to admit that I know I'm not very active on Instagram right now and it's because I'm really busy with building a career! But like I said I'm trying my best to adopt my new reality✨

Stay healthy, stay safe and positive and #stayathome guys, love you! ❤️

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