Little Things #1

I think life is all about the little things. Sometimes life goes so fast and we miss some beauties. But I don't wanna miss a thing! God knows how many books I've read or movies I've watched till now. So I decided to share the things I love, recent finds and my precious moments. I just don't know yet! It could be a hairpin, a Netflix show, an ice cream or just a moment of pleasure in everyday life. Personally, I would like to be more grateful for the little things ♡

#1: One of the most emotional moments of my life! He served as a soldier. ( In Turkey, all men have compulsory military service.) These photos are from his swearing-in ceremony.1200 soldier swore at the same time to protect their country. At the end of the ceremony, their commander announced that soldiers and families could get together! I wasn't expecting that but then I started to run towards soldiers. I literally had no idea which one of them is my man. I was just running! Of course, I couldn't find him because each of them had the same uniform and haircut. But he found me!

I'm so proud of him. I think we are ALMOST adults now!

#2 : This caramel macchiato! I was craving for a cold coffee but all the coffee shops were closed due to offseason ( now I'm thankful for that). Berk found this one from the market. I can say that now it's on the top of my recent obsessions list!

#3 : During the period of Berk's military service, I had so much time to kill. I was literally living in my bed and binge-watching Netflix all day / everyday! The Good Place was always on the suggestions list so I thought I would give it a try. This show gave me all the joy I was in need of! Everything about the show is so ironic and hilarious. And I need to say that I fell in love with the character Tahani Al-Jamil. Her British accent, outfits and her gorgeous hairs...I loved every single detail about her!

#4 : This perfect H&M summer dress! Easy to put on, even easier to take off ( just in case if you suddenly want to jump into sea/pool ). It has 14 different models if you want to check. I'm wearing size 12 and it's very comfortable!

#5 : First vacation of the year: YAY! We both needed it. I only took a picture of the bed because I was in a hurry to unpack and go to the pool!

Don't forget to enjoy the little things in life!

Have a good week ♡

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