Little Things #3

#1 : I bought these beauties last year from the end of season summer sales. Then I almost forget them. A couple of weeks ago, mom found them while we were cleaning out our closet. I was thrilled just like the day I bought them. They are elegant, comfy, timeless and pink! Why say more?

#2 : This flowers made my day! I wish I could share their smell!

#3 : Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ! I'm obsessed! When I was a child, I was watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch, every day after school. When I saw Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, I immediately added it to my list. Episodes are almost an hour and I'm not complaining at all. Longer the better!

I would also like to praise Kiernan Shipka to the skies! She is so young and talented! My latest woman crush was Jameela Jamil ( god I love her attitude so much ) but I'm gonna add Kiernan Shipka right next to her!

#4 : I started my yoga journey with the cheapest yoga mat because I wasn't sure about it at first. I thought, like all my past gym memberships, I would get bored in time and give up. However the first time in my life, I find an activity that I really enjoy. So I decided to invest in yoga stuff. This yoga mat is like memory foam. For me, downward facing dog pose is the hardest one because I got my strength from my wrists and they're not strong enough. This mat is so comfortable that takes the pressure off my wrists. I definitely got my money's worth!

#5 : The final situation of my sun-kissed hair! I just loove the results!

I wish you a happy Monday ♡ xoxo

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