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Hello everyone!❤

I need to say that I'm very excited to share my journey with Nicky Presets. My holy grail photo editing app is Lightroom for years and I was editing all of my photos manually - which is time-consuming! Investing in presets was a question mark in my mind because I wasn't sure if it is going to worth it. Well, you can't imagine how pleased I am with my presets now!

Impressive before & after right? This is my favorite one. Absolutely perfect. I edited it with Bright & Airy preset and, voila! Magic happened✨

I love Lightroom so much because I love playing with colors, pop them and make them stronger. So far, non of the photo editing apps -except Lightroom- met my expectations. On the other hand, I spend so much time while editing. I know it's a very millennial way to complain about something, because no one has time and patience nowadays (!) So right in this point, Nicky Presets helped me A LOT!

Berk says this is like a watch commercial and I agree with him😅 I was trying different angles with my Canon and I captured this one. Fun fact: this photo is 2 years old already! But I edited it today with Pop Colors preset on LR and I think it looks very professional

in this way.

Since I enjoy photography and love editing, it was never a problem for me - except the time I was spending. On the other hand, if you have a little or even no editing experience, presets are the best solution because you don't have to learn everything about photography, it is user friendly! You can transform your photos just in a click.

Pop Colors

Pop Colors

Bright & Airy

Summer Vibes

If you want to check all of the presets, you can click here. Even though I couldn't find time to do a photoshoot recently, I mostly edited old photos and I am very happy with the results.

I wish you a great week ❤


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